MAY 2023

Stock made his second trip to Hawaii in May. His maiden trip to Hawaii was in October of 2022. Having loved it so much, he promised to return. 


This time, Stock stayed in Honolulu for 10 days. Every day, he woke up early in the morning and hit the road exploring and painting on location. 


Below, you can follow his mission towards Discovering Paradise.t.

"It is often said that the artist must suffer for his work. So here I am again forced out of my cozy little nest behind the Redwood Curtain. And am off to the barren landscape in the middle of the Pacific Ocean know as Hawaii. Oh sure you say 'How hard could that be?' I’m here to tell you, it’s rough. How would you like to stand in the sun all day on a tropical beach trying to make sense out of cobalt blue and vermilion. Everyone thinks it’s a piece of cake. Well it’s not. It’s better. 


The journey was a little different. Usually a Humboldt departure is obnoxiously early and you are supposed to be there two hours before for no good reason that I’ve ever figured out. This time, the flight out was at 4:00pm on Mother’s Day and it was the most gorgeous day we have seen for nearly a year. Rachel dropped me off, to put in my two hours, and went home to enjoy the day. I get a bite to eat at the tiny snack bar, and with crossword puzzles in hand prepare to do my time. I kept getting this weird feeling that someone was watching me. I look up and sure enough this guy is staring at me. I give him a 'do I know you?' nod, and he walks off like I’m the strange one. It happens again, two or three times I start looking to see if I forgot to put my pants on or something. Finely I look up and I’m sitting right in front of the flight status monitor. They have all been trying to look through me. Not at me. I found another place, for a minute there I thought I was something.


Left San Francisco at 6:50pm, landed in Honolulu 9:30pm. That’s what they said, but for me it was 12:30pm. By the time I got my bags, the rental car, and out of the air port it was nearly 2:00am my time. With a slight detour for old times sake, I got in the hotel about 2:30am. They all think it’s 11:00am. I know better. I guess I’ll get the three hours back when I come home."





The Adventure Begins...




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