Martin Courtney

Transcendence II
Oil on Canvas
42 x 32 in (106.68 x 81.28 cm)

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About the artist

Martin Courtney says, "Painting is enjoyable and gives me a great sense of accomplishment, however it is work and requires self-discipline to be productive. Almost every day I take time to ride my horse ... I really enjoy having this completely different activity to balance my painting life." Martin frequently goes hiking and occasionally goes to the zoo to get ideas for new paintings. He is inspired by many of the old "Bird & Flower" themes that were elegantly portrayed by the artists of Japan.


In addition, he is especially interested in the highly decorative style of the European baroque period. One of the primary objectives of his painting is to create a visual ideal of tranquility in nature that can't be found in everyday cosmopolitan life. He also invites the viewer to share a moment in nature where lighting, color and composition meet to elevate this visual ideal to a higher level and capture the subtle profoundness that abounds in nature. 


Born in 1960 in sacramento, California. Martin began sketching and painting as a child and found that he had a natural ability for visual perspectives. Martin's father was a draftsman and his mother had an interest in painting. His older sister is a textile artist. Academic background includes graduation from Jesuit High School, Carmichael, California in 1978 and successful completion of art courses at American River College in Carmichael, CA and Sacramento City College. 


A move to Honolulu, Hawaii in circa 1984 further expanded his interest in art, which has always been inspired by the romantic renaissance period and later by the elegant art of Asia. 


Martin returned to Sacramento in 1990 to continue his art career.

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